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We are a Pay-Per-Click Advertising Company providing you with fully managed online advertising services for all your Digital Marketing needs.

Targeted Online Advertising

Your customers are on the web right now. And they are thousands in numbers. Get your business to your customers just when they need it. You can get the customers from just some specific region, at a specific time of the day. Or even more targeted.

Competition Spy

You need to know your competition to survive in your business. With the help of our proprietary technology, we can help you achieve that to survive in the online marketing war. Get insights about your competitor advertisements and their target market.

Lead Capture

Turn your website visitors into customers. With lead capture service, your website could fetch the web visitor's details that you need. You can then use those details for follow ups, sales or offers at a later point of time. You could also integrate the customer details in to any of your other business applications.

Web Design and Development

Your business needs fast loading responsive websites with great user experience. Responsive websites are built to look good on all devices - mobile, tablets and pcs. We build websites that captivate your customers and build an enticing image of your brand.

Website Analysis

Let's say your business already has a website. But is it user friendly? Responsive? Fast? Is it reflecting your brand image? And so many questions to solve. We will do the website analysis for you so you can rebuild your website to restore the relevance and quality.

Email Marketing Automation

Send out automated personalized emails to reach your customer's inbox after 3rd and 7th day after first interaction. Or as per whatever schedule you decide. Or simply send out newsletters to a specific group of people at a specific day of the month.

Why Choose Us?

In today's era of high competition, time is of high essense. You can't afford to spend your time and money on experimenting. To add to it, you can't even spend time on switching from one agency / servicer to another to fulfill your various online advertising needs. So, we bring to you end-to-end solutions under one roof. Now you can safely hand over all the hectic of Digital Advertising / Marketing and let us take it up ahead while we treat your business success as our highest priority.

How We Do It

Our proven mutually connected methods, assure your business success
1. Understand your business and goals
We begin by understanding your business and your business goals thoroughly. This helps us to set the expectations and to customize the advertising strategy. We visualize your business outcome with the help of this information.
2. Perform the market research
Using a set of our own proprietary methods and premium web tools, we do a thorough research to analyze your target market. We perform keyword research, market analysis and competition analysis as a part of this method. Keyword research helps us understand the search terms that are relevant to the target market, the volume of audience that we could expect and the associated cost. Market analysis helps to categorize and customize the market segments to bring in sales / conversions at a relatively lower prices. Competition analysis helps us to learn from your competitor's mistakes so that we do not waste our advertising efforts on set of keywords or strategies which did not work for competitors.
3. Create and Manage Ad Campaigns
Our team then creates multiple versions of ad campaigns for each of the targeted audience segments. We design ads to be appealing and relevant to your product / service offering. We group the ads closely to the target audience and lead capture pages for higher conversions.
4. Optimize Ad Performance and ROI
We run A/B tests on ad variations, lead capture pages and web element placements to increase ad conversions and to reduce the ad costs over a period of time. We test out multiple selling propositions, features and product offerings to assess and improve returns on investment for your business.
5. Scale up and Monitor
Now that we have a set of ad campaigns which are delivering good results for your business, we scale it up for even better results. We constantly monitor the ad performance, expenditure and the entire conversion funnel to ensure that everything is running smoothly.