Profusionads is the pay-per-click ad network providing you with quality web traffic and managed online advertising services

PPC ads starting at
100 cents
per click
Ad Network delivering over
200 million
clicks per day
Web traffic serving
audience categories

Fair Pricing

The challenge for you is to make the most out of your advertising budget. Our pricing model enables right pricing of the ads, so your advertising spends are justified.

Quality web traffic

Our network provides you with audiences that are most likely expecting your product or offering. The result - A better audience engagement with your brand or product.

Valid clicks

Our ad server’s proprietary click definition service is updated on an hourly basis. So that you are paying only for valid clicks at any given moment.

Audience targeting

Your audience might just be a specific age group, gender, in a specific region. Target the audience with numerous filters for a much better audience retention rate.

Easy intuitive interface

Thinking of doing some ad management yourself? Well.. We have got a very easy and feature driven user interface for you to manage any aspect of your ads.

24/7 Support

We love to help you with your ad account and related queries. And so, we are available for you all the days of the week.

Get even more

with our value added services

Keyword Research

You can't afford to lose even a single penny on bad or irrelevant keywords. Let our experts analyse your business / products, so that almost all the keywords of your ad campaign are performing well.

Ad Optimization

If you are creating your own ads, you are most certainly missing out the attraction factors for your ads and losing out the ad click opportunities. It's time we brought out the best versions of your ads on your behalf.

Landing Page Analysis

Landing page is where you get an opportunity to make a good impression on your website visitor be it for sales or brand promotion. Our team will ensure that your website landing page achieves the purpose.